Volition scientist packing Nu.Q test

Scaling Up for Success: Volition Partners with IVD Research for US Manufacturing

May 22, 2023

As part of our US clinical operations in Carlsbad, we’ve outsourced the manufacture of Volition’s products for the US market to IVD Research, an established contract development and manufacturing organization.

IVD Research is an FDA-registered manufacturer, ISO 13485 certified, and undertakes all aspects of contract manufacturing for us – from assembling the key components to shipping kits to our customers. IVD Research is well equipped to scale with Volition, actively adding to their capacity at the moment, to meet future increasing demand.

We heard from Volition Chief Operating Officer, Gaetan Michel, IVD Research Chief Operating Officer, Chris Lambillotte, and IVD Research President, Dave Lambillotte:

IVD research thumbnail
Volition and IVD Research Collaboration

I think it’s the biggest no-brainer in my history to say that they [Volition] are going to do fabulous. I have never seen a product as innovative, as cost-effective and as effective as what they are doing.


Dave Lambillotte

President of IVD Research