Our Nu.Q® Technology.

Our patented Nucleosomics™ technology isolates circulating nucleosomes from the blood for quantification and analysis, to enable earlier diagnosis and monitoring of life-altering diseases.


The science behind our Nu.Q® technology

Our patented Nucleosomics™ technology

Our technology detects characteristic epigenetic changes in nucleosomes that occur from the earliest stages of disease enabling early detection and potentially a better way to monitor disease progression and a patient’s response to treatment.

Epigenetic changes can be detected before the diseased cells themselves become abnormal enough to show up in traditional biopsies, and oftentimes before the first symptoms are felt.

We aim to replace unpleasant, invasive, and often expensive screening and diagnostic tests with Nu.Q® blood tests, helping to save lives and to reduce overall health care costs.


Our patented Nucleosomics™ technology isolates circulating nucleosomes from the blood for quantification and analysis.

Based on this core, cutting-edge technology we have developed a portfolio of Nu.Q® assays which are simple, low-cost, accessible, routine blood tests.

Our tests are platform agnostic so can be adapted to any workflow setting – manual, reference laboratory and point-of-care.

annotated nucleosome

Affordable, accessible diagnostic solutions.

We have a range of Nu.Q® assays that are already available and provide a cost effective, routine blood test for disease detection, and disease and treatment monitoring.

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test

The Nu Q® Vet Cancer Test is an accessible and affordable screening test to aid in the early detection of cancer in dogs.

It’s a simple, cost effective, easy to use screening blood test recommended for older dogs (7 years and older) and those breeds at increased risk of developing cancer in their lifetimes (from 4 years).

Our test can be easily integrated into preventive care programs and used alongside other routine bloodwork during regular wellness visits.

The Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test is available to veterinarians in the United States, Europe, and Asia, via distributors including IDEXX and Heska/Antech.

Nu.Q® NETs

Our Nu.Q® NETs iassay s a groundbreaking CE-marked diagnostic solution that clinicians can use to detect NETosis. Our assay can be used to identify patients with clinically relevant elevated levels of circulating Neutrophil Extracelllular Traps (NETs) and enable physicians to rapidly treat these patients.

Although NETs play a critical role in our normal immune response, elevated levels of NETs are a complicating factor associated with poor patient outcomes in sepsis, cancer, and a range of other diseases.

Our Nu.Q® NETs assay is the only analytically validated assay to quantify the level of NETs. It is platform agnostic so it can be adapted to any workflow/clinical setting – including central lab and point of care.

Rapid epigenetic profiling.

Work with us to access our range of proprietary, state-of-the-art assays and answer your drug development, pre-clinical and clinical questions.

Nu.Q® Discover

Nu.Q® Discover is a complete solution to profiling nucleosomes and empowers drug developers and scientists, offering rapid epigenetic profiling in disease model development, preclinical testing, and clinical studies – from drug discovery to market ready.

Nu.Q® Discover is an invaluable research tool for R&D professionals working within the field of Pharmacoepigenetics, studying the epigenetic basis for variation in response to drugs.

Drug developers and scientists can work with us, access our state-of-the-art proprietary assays and realize their longer-term, drug development needs.

At the cutting edge of epigenetics.

We are committed to advancing the science of epigenetics, developing and refining our Nu.Q® technology, and building a wider patented product portfolio.

Nu.Q® Cancer

Our Nu.Q® Cancer pillar encapsulates a range of simple, cost effective blood-based assays. Nu.Q® Cancer can detect characteristic epigenetic changes in nucleosomes that occur from the earliest stages of cancer and has potential applications beyond cancer detection.

Working in collaboration with hospitals in Europe and Asia, we are investigating the potential use of Nu.Q® Cancer in a range of cancers and clinical settings.

Our current areas of focus are:

  • Monitoring disease progression and treatment response
  • Minimal Residual Disease Monitoring

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