Gaetan Michel PhD

Chief Operating Officer

New Gaetan Michel

Gaetan is the Chief Operating Officer and has been a valued member of the Volition team since 2014 serving firstly as Chief Operating Officer of Belgian Volition and latterly as Chief Executive Officer of Belgian Volition. With over 15 years’ project management, manufacturing and operational experience, Gaetan is ideally placed to oversee and expand Volition’s global operations including the newly opened Innovation Hub in San Diego, the manufacturing facility “Silver One” and Research & Development Facility in Belgium, as well as expanding the Veterinary subsidiary in Texas, U.S.A.

Following the completion of his PhD in 2002, Gaetan joined AAT (Advanced Array Technology), a University of Namur spin-off company as project manager in proteomics. AAT later became EAT (Eppendorf Array Technology), part of the German Eppendorf Biotech company, where Gaetan became production manager and was involved in establishing production processes and equipment before joining KitoZyme, a global manufacturer of biopolymers of fungal origin.

Gaetan was educated at the University of Namur, Belgium receiving both a Bachelor of Science and a PhD.

“Together the people at Volition create a unique environment that thrives on the desire to change the outlook for cancer patients throughout the world. The dynamism, enthusiasm and passion which exist will enable the company to make developments which will ultimately save lives.”