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A valuable research tool to support your drug discovery and development needs – from target identification to validation – in clinical studies.

Nu.Q® Discover

About Nu.Q® Discover

Nu.Q® Discover is a complete solution to profiling nucleosomes and empowers drug developers and scientists offering rapid epigenetic profiling in disease model development, preclinical testing, and clinical studies – from drug discovery to market ready.

Nu.Q® Discover is built on Volition’s cutting-edge Nu.Q® nucleosome quantification technology and adds value across the drug development pipeline, with applications in:

  • Oncology
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • NETosis

Nu.Q® Discover is an invaluable research tool for R&D professionals working within the field of pharmacoepigenetics and studying the epigenetic basis for variation in response to drugs.

The role of nucleosomes and H3.1

Measuring and monitoring nucleosome levels and modifications in circulating blood has the potential to aid diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of many human diseases.

Nucleosomes are small fragments of chromosomes released into the blood during cell death and consist of a histone octamer core with DNA wrapped around it. Histone proteins could be modified by a variety of post-translational modifications (PTMs) also called epigenetic modifications. Modifications to histones, including H3, play a key role in regulating gene expression. H3.1 is a variant of histone H3 and is associated with gene activation and gene silencing.

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About H3.1

About H3.1 research use only assay

Our Nu.Q® Discover H3.1 Research Use Only Assay detects quantitative levels of circulating intact nucleosomes containing histone H3 in plasma.

It is an analytically validated quantitative assay and calibrated in ng/ml using recombinant nucleosomes. Our test was developed based on CLSI guidelines and is validated for use in EDTA plasma, making it standardized and ideal for measuring apoptosis, NETosis, or histone complexes.

Nu.Q® Discover H3.1 Research Use Only Assay can be run manually on an ELISA sandwich immunoassay or an automated platform.

If you are measuring cell death detection or examining circulating cell-free nucleosomes that contain histone H3 as part of your research – for profiling post-translational modifications, histone variants, or DNA modifications – Nu.Q® Discover H3.1 Research Use Only Assay can be a powerful addition to your epigenetic toolbox.

Benefits of Nu.Q® Discover Assay

Our biomarkers support the entire drug discovery and development process from pre-clinical testing to market ready.

    • cf-nucleosome quantification technology run manually on ELISA sandwich immunoassay platform.
    • No assay development required, assay is ready to run.
    • Low sample volumes. Use with EDTA plasma, cell culture extract, supernatant.
    • Detection antibody recognizes a nucleosome-specific epitope ensuring detection of only intact nucleosomes.
    • Typical reproducibility:
      – Precision for Nu.Q® H3.1 intra-run less than 15%CV.
      – Precision for Nu.Q® H3.1 inter-run less than 20%CV.
    • The reportable range of the Nu.Q® Discover H3.1 RUO ELISA Assay is 22.7 ng/mL to 650 ng/mL.
    • Assay developed based on CLSI guidelines.
    • Expert support for your research needs.
The kit has been crucial in our research. Its ability to handle small sample volumes while delivering rapid and sensitive results has broadened our biomarker research capabilities, specifically after the comparison with other similar products from different companies. The kit's accuracy and reliability have significantly contributed to our preclinical translational study and proceed it to clinical phase II studies.
Fuhong Su MD, PhD
COO of Labo Unité de Soins Intensifs, Hôpital Erasme, Université Libre de Bruxelles

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