Dr Timothy Fan PhD DVM

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Timothy Fan

Dr. Timothy Fan serves as the principal investigator of the Comparative Oncology Research Laboratory housed in the Small Animal Clinic, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine at the University of Illinois and his research focuses on identifying molecular targets for improving treatment for canine and feline cancers.

Dr. Fan is a core member at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology in the Anticancer Discovery from Pets to People theme, and also serves as a Program Leader for the Cancer Center at Illinois that focuses on the inclusion of companion animals as sophisticated model systems to study cancer.

Uniquely, Dr. Fan’s training as a scientist and veterinarian has allowed him the opportunity to rapidly investigate and translate novel treatment strategies in dogs and cats with spontaneously arising cancers and conduct meaningful comparative oncology research which is hoped to eventually aid in treating cancer in not only companion animals but also human beings.

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