SAB 22

Our Scientific Advisory Board meeting 2022

November 28, 2022

Recently, Volition’s Scientific Advisory Board met to refocus and leverage the company’s internal and external changes, look into the future, and develop new research programmes that will sustain Volition in the upcoming years.

Hear from the SAB members in our video:

SAB 22
Science Advisory Board Meeting 2022

Volition’s Scientific Advisory Board is a team of specialists from a wide range of disciplines who provide the company with expert advice and support, guiding and steering its research and development strategy.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of:

  • Dr. Alan Colman, Independent Director
  • Prof. Axel Imhof
  • Dr. Timothy Fan
  • Dr. Jorge Reis-Filho

Find out more about our Scientific Advisory Board.

Our recent internal and external changes:

  • Internal growth, including expansions of both the EU and U.S. teams. Volition was joined by Sharon Ballesteros, U.S. Head of Quality and Development Process, Timothy Fan, DVM, Mickie Henshall, Independent Director, and others.
  • Internalizing our manufacturing
  • The opening of our new innovation lab

Looking forward:

The next Scientific Advisory Board meeting is scheduled in less than a year/9 months. In the meantime, Volition will follow up with smaller workshop-type discussions, updating the SAB members up to date on the ongoing projects, while also undertaking technical review of the data that is being generated.