Remi Rabeuf

Meet Remi Rabeuf

February 13, 2024

Remi Rabeuf, Director Corporate Alliances & Strategic Partnerships, talks us through his role, driving and coordinating activities to bring our Nu.Q® NETs assay into the clinical and diagnostics market. This includes product development, gathering clinical evidence, regulatory approval, and increasing awareness and availability.

Remi also highlights the importance of working with key opinion leaders and centres of excellence to generate data and ensure successful market adoption for our Nu.Q® NETs test.

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Meet Remi

“What I find very exciting is that we are the first company having a NET biomarker launch in the field that can help practitioners to improve sepsis management. We can contribute to improve mortality and comorbidities for those patients and contribute to save lives.”

Remi Rabeuf

Remi Rabeuf

Volition Life Cycle Leader