Gaetan Michel

Meet Gaetan Michel

January 24, 2023

Gaetan is Volition’s Chief Operating Officer and has been a valued member of Volition since 2014.

Over the past seven years, Gaetan has overseen the growth of the team in Belgium and the United States. During this time, our Belgian operations have expanded to a purpose-built research and development facility and a dedicated ‘Silver One’ manufacturing facility.

Gaetan now lives on the west coast of the United States, developing Volition’s Innovation and Clinical Operations teams based at our Innovation Hub in Carlsbad, San Diego County.

Watch Gaetan’s short video to find out more about his time at Volition.

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Meet Gaetan Michel

I’m proud of the team we’ve built. It’s our force. They’ve been engaged since the beginning… people feel that working at Volition, they’ll be able to change things and be impactful.