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Martin Faulkes retires as Executive Chairman of Volition

April 30, 2024

Martin Faulkes retires as Executive Chairman of Volition

Martin C Faulkes has announced he is retiring from Volition after serving as Executive Chairman since the company’s inception. He will be retiring from the board at our Annual General Meeting in July.

Martin, known as ‘Dill’, established Volition in 2010 alongside Cameron Reynolds, our Group CEO and founding scientists, Jake Micallef and Mark Eccleston. As Executive Chairman, Dill has been instrumental in developing our company strategy and leading our diverse board of directors – comprising scientists, academics, financiers, and commercial experts.

Dill started his working life as a Mathematician, undertaking his PhD at Queen Elizabeth College in London, followed by a postdoctoral post in general relativity at Queen’s University in Canada. He subsequently left academia to become a software engineer at Logica Ltd in London. He established Logica’s US subsidiary Logica Inc. in 1979 and was President and CEO for over five years, providing bespoke software to the banking and communication sectors.

In 1985, Dill was appointed Managing Director at System Programming Ltd in London, a company providing computer programming services to a wide range of industries. Dill went on to found Triad Group PLC, a computer software development company, where he was a Director from 1987 to 1998.

Cameron Reynolds, our Group CEO and Co-Founder outlines the key role Dill has played at Volition:

“Dill has been a remarkable Chairman from the very start of our journey. His vision has been at the heart of our ability to innovate. He has a steadfast belief that our groundbreaking epigenetic technology will make a real difference to society.

“Dill has steered Volition from a single, two-meter lab bench at the University of Namur in Belgium to the New York Stock Exchange, where we were listed in 2015. He has helped us navigate the inevitable ups and downs of scaling a start-up with a strong and steady hand, full support for our team, and a belief in serendipity – what is meant to be will be.

“We can’t thank Dill enough for his unwavering support for our mission, his leadership, and his wise counsel. We wish him all the very best as he embarks on his retirement and no doubt will dedicate even more time to his wide-ranging charitable activities.”


Cameron Reynolds

Group CEO and Co-Founder

Dill is the Founder and Chairman of the Dill Faulkes Educational Trust a charity committed to initiating and supporting projects that enhance the public understanding of science and mathematics, with a particular emphasis on inspiring young people into STEM subjects through enquiry-based learning.

Dill added:

“As Executive Chairman, I couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come. Volition is now a multi-national company with over 100 dedicated staff, a purpose-built R&D and manufacturing facility in Belgium and an Innovation Lab in the U.S. With a strong IP portfolio and a wide range of potential applications, Volition is on the cusp of fulfilling its mission to improve the lives of millions of people and animals worldwide through our transformational technology. I will continue to whole-heartedly support the Volition team as a shareholder.”

Fellow board member, Dr Ed Futcher, will also be retiring from our board at our Annual General Meeting in July and we are actively recruiting new members. We would like to thank Dr Futcher for his invaluable insights, support, and guidance to Volition.