Jasmine Kway

A spotlight on Volition’s Asia Strategy.

October 07, 2022

Jasmine Kway is the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Volition and oversees our operations in Asia Pacific. Find out more about our strategy for the region, including the recent launch of our Nu.Q® Vet Cancer test

A spotlight on Volition’s Asia strategy

Our motivation

With the changing lifestyles and demographics, the burden of cancer is set to rise. Additionally, Asia has the highest incidents of patients suffering from sepsis globally.

We are hoping to change this by developing our innovative family of simple, easy to use, cost-effective Nu.Q® and Nu.Q® NETs tests respectively.

Epigenetic cancer tests for both ends of the leash

We are not only aiming to improve outcomes for humans but also for their canine companions. That is why we developed the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test: a simple, cost-effective, easy to use ELISA based screening blood test which will help streamline the diagnostic process for older or ​“at risk” dogs.

The pet owner population has been increasing in Asia, meaning the market for vet products in the region is huge.

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test launched in Singapore

We launched our Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test in Singapore earlier this year, and believe this is a gateway to helping more companion animals in greater Asia as well.

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