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Brighter tomorrow

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the diagnosis and monitoring of life-altering diseases by advancing the science of epigenetics.

Our mission is to save lives and improve outcomes for millions of people and animals worldwide.

Early diagnosis saves lives.

Imagine a world where diseases like cancer and sepsis can be diagnosed early and monitored easily using routine blood tests. That’s the world we’re trying to build by developing our innovative family of simple, easy to use, cost-effective Nu.Q® tests.

Our patented Nucleosomics™ technology uses chromosomal structures called nucleosomes as biomarkers in cancer and other diseases. All the tests in our portfolio detect various characteristic changes in nucleosomes that occur from the earliest stages of disease, enabling early detection and potentially a better way to monitor disease progression and the patient’s response to treatment.

Volition has five pillars of focus: Nu.Q®NETs, Nu.Q® Vet, Nu.Q® Capture, Nu.Q®Cancer and, Nu.Q® Discover.

Leading the way.

Our team has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to evolve and master our understanding of the rich, complex information encoded in circulating nucleosomes.

Nucleosomics™ is currently being used for cancer applications in veterinary medicine and we are continuing to expand our technology in human medicine through early clinical trials in various cancers, COVID-19, sepsis and beyond.

We believe that our focus on innovation, robust assay development pipeline, and diverse intellectual property portfolio positions us to become a significant player in this cutting-edge field of science.

Intellectual Property.

Covers human and veterinary applications

Believed to be the only company working on ELISA measurement for epigenetically modified circulating nucleosomes.

As of September 23, 2023:

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