Our mission

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the diagnosis and monitoring of life-altering diseases by advancing the science of epigenetics.

Early Diagnosis Saves Lives

Imagine a world where diseases like cancer and sepsis can be diagnosed early and monitored easily using routine blood tests. That’s the world we’re trying to build by developing our innovative family of simple, easy to use, cost-effective tests.

Our patented technologies use chromosomal structures such as nucleosomes and transcription factors as biomarkers in cancer and other diseases. All the tests in our portfolio detect various characteristic changes that occur from the earliest stages of disease, enabling early detection and potentially a better way to monitor disease progression and a patient’s response to treatment.

Volition early diagnostics and treatment monitoring

Leading the way

Our team has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to evolve and master our understanding of the rich, complex information encoded in circulating chromatin and in particular, in circulating nucleosomes.

We believe that our focus on innovation, robust assay development and a diverse intellectual property portfolio positions us to become a significant player in this cutting-edge field of science.


Working together.

Cultivating successful, ongoing relationships with stakeholders worldwide has been fundamental to Volition’s development. We have fostered ties with leading academic institutions, clinical centers of excellence, multi-national pharmaceutical companies and funders from across the globe.

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Our Company

Advancing the science of epigenetics.

Our story

Volition was established in 2010. Our co-founding scientists, Jake Micallef and Mark Eccleston joined forces with our Group CEO, Cameron Reynolds, with the aim of transforming diagnostics from expensive, invasive, and often unpleasant procedures to something as fast and accessible as cholesterol or pregnancy testing.

The company has grown from a single two-meter lab bench at the University of Namur in Belgium to a purpose-built 20,000 square feet lab in Gembloux, Belgium, an Innovation Lab in California, and offices in California, London, Singapore and Nevada.

In 2015 the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VNRX). We now have a team of over 100 dedicated staff, spanning a wide range of disciplines; all united in our mission to improve outcomes for patients.

Intellectual Property.

Covers human and veterinary applications

As of March 31 2024

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