Prof. Stefan Holdenrieder

Prof Stefan Holdenrieder

Prof Stefan Holdenrieder is Director of the Institute of Laboratory Medicine at the German Heart Center of the Technical University Munich. Germany. Being a specialist in laboratory medicine his research interests are the development and comprehensive validation of new biomarkers and technologies for diagnostic applications in cardiology, oncology, immunology, neurology and pediatrics. His special focus is spot on circulating nucleosomes, cell-free nucleic acids, their genetic and epigenetic modifications, (exosomal) miRNA, protein and metabolomics markers as well as the development of multiparametric algorithms. His laboratory has been part of many international multicentric biomarker evaluation studies and serves as diagnostic center for the Central European Society of Anticancer Drug Research (CESAR). Prof. Holdenrieder is Secretary of the International Society of Oncological BioMarkers (ISOBM), EQA consultant for tumor marker ring trials at Instand e.V. and Associate Editor of several international scientific journals.