Dr. Robert Weinzierl

Robert Weinzierl 28 05 2012 2

Dr. Robert Weinzierl is a Reader in Molecular Biology at Imperial College London, and is the inventor of the HyperGenomics® technology, which Volition is now developing further.

Prior to joining Imperial, he carried out doctoral work at the University of Cambridge (Akam/White laboratories) and spent four years as a postdoc at UC Berkeley (Tjian laboratory).

Dr. Weinzierl's research efforts focus on the structure and function of the basal transcriptional machineries in archaea and eukaryotes, with special emphasis on the molecular mechanisms of RNA polymerases. During the last decade his laboratory successfully developed a range of novel methods in the field of gene expression, including in vitro assembly of protein complexes from recombinant subunits and implementation of robotic methods for high-throughput molecular biology.