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Surf the Web

We've met some really nice people since we've been on the Net and some of them have web sites. Someday everyone will. Won't that be great! Here are the ones that are worth visiting at least once. Volition ® of course you will return to over and over again.

PlayHangman.com · The best site online to play hangman. Many different games or create your own.

FuntasticGames.com Free Online Arcade · Free online web games to play right in your browser. Huge arcade of fun.

Dano Says... · This guy has some really twisted ideas about the world around him. Read it and see for yourself.

Useless! · Waste away vital hours at urban75's useless games gallery.

The Crayola Store · Be creative with all those Crayola colors.

Download-Magic · If you are interested in magic, they have tricks and videos or tricks for download. This system of learning magic is endorsed by David Copperfield. There is even a message board where you can chat with other magicians.

IQ Test · Have you ever wondered how many legs 7 chickens and 2 cats have? If you can answer this imponderable question in less than 13 seconds then you're ready for the Self-Discovery Workshop's IQ Test. "Free, Fast & Fun," this IQ Test is guaranteed to puzzle, confuse and amuse anyone in search of breaking the knowledge barrier. Want more free IQ, personality and entrepreneurial tests?

The Dialectizer · This site is so neat! It'll take a website and "convert" it to different dialects, like redneck, Elmer Fudd, pig Latin, moron, etc. Or, you can write a statement and it'll convert it to different dialects.

The Old Farmer's Almanac · Weather forecasts, recipes, gardening advice, forklore, and much more.

Ask Eric · Unsurpassed database of learning materials. Education information for teachers, librarians, counselors, administrators, parents, and anyone interested in education throughout the United States and the world.

The Phobia List · Their name describes exactly what you'll find here.

The Official U.S. Time · Find out the exact time. Public service cooperatively provided by the two time agencies of United States.

PhoneSpell · What does your phone number spell?

Internet Anagram Server · Discover the magic of anagrams. Try your name. ("Raymond Sola" becomes "SO NORMAL DAY" or "MAN SAY DROOL")

Acme.com Licensemaker · Pretend you're in prison and make a license plate.

Motorist Mail · It allows email messages to be sent to any motorist if you know their license plate numbers. See someone cute on the road, get their plate number and send them an e-mail. Someone cut you off. Forget road rage, send them a polite e-mail describing your feelings.

Volition the Band · Industrial Techno music from Portland, OR.

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Urban Legends

Always verify information before forwarding it. Easy rule of thumb: Any message saying that says it should be forwarded to everyone you know is a scam. We have never been wrong using that rule.

Snopes Urban Legends Reference Pages · Source for urban legends, myths, and folklore. Topics include horror, Disney, weddings, religion, and more.

Urban Legends and Folklore · Subjects include bugs, celebrities, computers, virus hoaxes, weird news, and more.

Don't Spread that Hoax · They'll set you straight on hoaxes you've read about.

Lies People Tell · The truth about lies.

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Surf Backwards

These are a few of the hundreds of places that have links to the Volition® site. Go to them, see what they have to offer, then find the link to us and come back.

Jellybean Kids · There's stuff like games, animals, pen pals, receipes for kids, and more.

In"jean"ious · Artfully decorated denim accessories for infants and toddlers in your choice of fun fabrics. Personalization available.

Senior Cyborgs · Informative, interesting, and entertaining website for adults, age 50 and older, and other folks who help with parents, grandparents, older friends or caregivers.

Dive3000 · Diving the Net.

Little Freddies Plastic Canvas Page · He has over 1000 plastic canvas patterns and he's willing to trade.

Wednesday's Woodworks · Chris enjoys the beauty of wood and has created some really nice items from it.

Tenny's · Internet Exploration Starting Page.

Ambit - The Web Waystation · A list of links to Web sites on and off the beaten path.

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