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    Volition.com Mystery Shopping Companies List
USA Q thru Z

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, Inc. · Various types of shops including restaurants, retail, and banks..

Quality Assurance Consulting (QAC) · Mystery shopping and cost control services for the hospitality industry. Mainly East coast.

Quality Marketing Group · Mystery Shopping, Demos, Merchandising. Always looking for intelligent, reliable and flexible people.

Quality Service Control · Specializes in Restaurants. (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada)

Quality Service Inspections (QSI) Specialists · Customer service and integrity evaluations in all industry sectors of Nevada (Required to be Licensed Private Investigator in Nevada.)

Quality Shopper · In house shopping company for a major supermarket chain.P> QualityWorks Associates · Specializes in movie theatre and other entertainment shops, restaurant, retail and intercepts.

Quest for Best · Covers over 40 states, but shops are mainly available in the midwest and southwest. Site has listing of available jobs.

Reality Check Mystery Shoppers · Has clients in the retail, hospitality, service, and entertainment industries.

Reflections · Provides a quality assurance program for the hospitality industry.

Rentrak Mystery Shopping · Video Stores, on-line DVD rental services, and downloading movies and TV shows from the Internet and cable systems. (Canada, USA)

Restaurant Cops LLC. · Provides restaurant evaluations and secret shopping. Their goal is to become the "Premier" restaurant secret shopper company in the USA by specializing in one thing and performing the best at it. (All USA except Nevada)

Restaurant Evaluators, Inc. · Hospitality industry - restaurants, catering and hotels.

Rickie Kruh Research & Marketing Group · Evaluate a company's customer service, describe the actions, attitude and sales skills of employees.

Ritter & Associates · Nice people to work with.

Rocky Mountain Merchandising · Mystery shopping, as well as resets, cut-ins, tagging, signage and audits. A sister company to Classic Demos. (CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY)

RoperNOP by NOP World · Fast food, retail, transportation, automotive, wireless communications, financial, senior living.

Sales Quality Research Group, Inc. · Specialization: Bank and Investment Shops

Satisfaction Services · Visit a range of businesses to evaluate customer services and products.

Second To None, Inc. · Provides customer satisfaction measurement and management programs to restaurants, retail stores and service providers. Site has listing of available jobs.

Secret Shopper (Sights on Service) · Offers a range of shops including hotels, restaurants, salons, banks, clinics and other businesses. Has been providing exceptional service to Clients and Shoppers since 1990.

Secret Shopping Services · Areas include: apartments, retail, restaurants, government, professional (accounting, health care), grocery stores, coffee houses, travel industry, malls, fast food, and integrity issues. Contact secshopsvs@hotmail.com to apply. AKA: Johnson, Hines, and Assoc., Inc. (USA: AK, CA, CO, HI, ID, OR, TX, WA)

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) · Focus is on restaurants, airlines, hotels, banks, automotive and retail.

sensus research · Autos, appearal, jewelry, and restaurant shops.

The Sentry Marketing Group, LLC · Mystery shopping in the automotive, restaurant and retail industries.

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Service Alliance · Provides services to childcare industry, home/apartment, lodging and retail.

Service Check · Hotels, restaurants, retail, travel, and banking.

Service Connections, Inc. · Specializations new homes, cafeterias, retail, car washes, oil changes, dry cleaners, liquor stores, many market research projects, audio/video, hardware stores and more.(AZ, IL, IN, KY, NM, NV, OH, TN)

Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) · Offers the capability to self-assign client engagements, review assignment portfolios, and submit evaluations.

Service Excellence Group · Restaurants and retail shops.

Service Impressions · Restaurant, bar, hotel, health club, airport, golf course, store, apartment or housing complex.

Service Intelligence · Fast food, retail of all varieties and transportation shops. Site has listing of available jobs.

Service Performance Group · Client list includes Fortune 500 companies to independent businesses.

ServiceProbe · Focus on apartments, fast food and events. Shops are paid on flat fee basis. (Domestic USA, except Nevada)

The Service Quality Department · Mystery shopping reports are input directly online to make sure the true observations of the shopper are captured.

Service Research Corporation (SRC) · Mystery shopping, surveys, and focus groups.

ServiceSense · Restaurants, Retail Establishments, Call Centers and Service Businesses.

Service Sleuth (a devision of HS Brands International) · Shop retail stores and restaurants.

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Service Scouts · Our clients include professional sporting events, concerts, entertainment, private heath clubs, golf courses, restaurants, retail stores, dry cleaners, banks and hotels.

ServiceTRAC · Senior housing and retirement, housing, automotive, retail, and more.

SG Marketing Group · Does mostly shops for banks and retail stores.

The Shadow Agency · Does video Mystery Shops in retail stores.

Shop'n Chek Worldwide · Markets covered include: Manufacturing, Restaurant, Hospitality, Retailing, Service, Petroleum, and Utilities. Site lists where they are recruiting shoppers.

Shoptalk Service Evaluations · Specializing in "target" apartment shops. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho)

Shoppers, Inc. · Specializes in restaurants, retail, and banks. Fee ranges from $5-$15 per shop plus reimbursement of purchase, if required. Site has listing of available jobs.

Shoppers' Critique International · Shops for new home sales, retail, banking, theme parks, independent care facilities, and more. Site has listing of available jobs.

Shoppers' View · Specializing in professionally evaluated telephone shops, hidden video and on site shops.

Sinclair Customer Metrics · Offers state-of-the-art Mystery Shopper services.

Speedmark Information Services · Supermarkets, convenience/gas, drug, mass merchandisers, quick-serve restaurants, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.

Pinecone Surveys

Spies in Disguise · Specializing in hospitality, automotive, and entertainment industries. Online reporting, job board, and fast payments/reimbursement.

Superior Product Pickup Service · Quality Assurance for food and household products. (You buy stuff and mail it in to them.) Contact: 1-800-443-6127 or recruiting@productpickup.com (Canada, USA)

Texas Shoppers Network · Opportunities for Texans, as well as, the rest of the US.

TNS Intersearch · Nationwide, serves many of the fortune 200 companies. (Formally Elrick & Lavidge Marketing Research)

Trend Source · Hotel, grocery, retail, restaurant, automotive, and more.

Video Eyes · They offer a product called Video Stars - Video Training. To you it is video shopping. They are affiliated with Bare Associates International, Inc.

Wal-Mart · Research study participants needed to evaluate services and programs, both in the store and on their website.

The Zellman Group, LLC · (No information available.) Sign up here.

This is not just a list of Mystery Shopping companies, but a list of Mystery Shopping companies approved by Volition.com readers. As such, the list in all forms is copyright. It is a shame we have to waste your time writing this on the page, but several unethical people have attempted to steal this page and publish it as their own.

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