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Get Paid for Shopping!

Secret shoppers are people who visit businesses posing as customers, evaluate the service they receive, and complete an evaluation form. Business owners and managers use these reports to insure their employees are practicing good selling techniques and providing quality service to their customers.

Do not send any money to anyone for information. Visit the following sites for info from these nationally known and reputable companies. There is no obligation and there is no cost, ever. Sites are broken into "USA only" and "International" companies. It's best to sign up with all of these companies, as they will contact you when they have a shop in your area.

Then visit our Mystery Shopping Bulletin Board where companies will post their most immediate needs. There's also information regarding what companies other shoppers have used. Who pays on time and who does not. A great way to learn from those who are already doing this.

Mystery Shopping Companies List · Mystery Shopping is great way to get paid to shop, eat at restaurants and even stay at hotels. Sign up with these nationally known and reputable companies.

USA Companies A thru G | USA Companies H thru P | USA Companies Q thru Z
International Companies

Demos & Merchandising Companies · Such things as Product Demos, In Store Service Visits, New Store Set-ups, Product Resets, Product Knowledge Training, Planogram Design, and Promotional Product Distribution.

Daily Checklist · Some companies list new jobs on their websites. Using this tool you can quickly run thru them all and see if you can get some extra work.

The Forum · Post information regarding what companies you have used. Who pays on time and who does not. Meet others and share ideas and concerns.

Mystery Shopper Assignment Log · Handy tool you can print out to track your assignments and payments.

Get Paid for Your Opinions · This is where you will find info about focus groups as well as the many marketing research firms looking to pay you for your opinions.

Other Useful Mystery Shopping Tools · Links to other useful sites and books that people have recommended.

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