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HTML Resource Guide

I was told not to buy a book on this subject (or on anything to do with the Net for that matter). Any book on the Internet is out of date before it can get to the publisher. Everything that you need is available on the net. Most of it FREE!

I bought a book anyhow. Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week by Laura Lemay. Two weeks later, the first posting of this was up. You can order her latest book Teach Yourself Web Publishing With Html 4 in a Week.

I'm not going to try to teach you anything. I am merely going to give you all the sites that you might find useful. (If you don't have a homepage, you can get one for FREE from here.)

If you are planning on advertising on the WWW visit The Blacklist of Internet Advertisers. And make sure you do not do anything to get listed there.

CBT Cafe · Computer Based Training featuring both HTML and Quicktime video tutorials for Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, Quicktime, and more.

Writing HTML · A tutorial for creating WWW pages from Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) · A beginner's guide to HTML from the University of Illinois.

META Tag Builder · Need help making your meta tags. Use this free service.

Resources and Free Stuff for Web Designers · Links to useful sites.

The HTML Goodies Home Page · Has many good articles and HTML primer.

American Consumer Opinion

Stuff for When You Have Finished Writing Your Pages

Araneae · Text editor that is great for HTML and script editing. Features syntax highlighting, unlimited document length, drag-and-drop image support, instant browser preview, multiple documents open at once via a tabbed interface, and many more useful features. I like it becuase it displays line numbers, which can be helpful when modifying ASP and other script files.

everyone.net · Add e-mail, search, and community tools too. These will increase traffic, get repeat visitors, and make money. Best of all, it lets you control the ads.

AddMe · Free submission site.

Submit Corner · Automatic site submission to the popular search engines. Also a meta tag generator.

WebSter's Dictionary 2.0 · This program provides a forms-based gateway to a spell checker for WWW documents. It will retrieve the document and spell check it. Any HTML markup is automatically ignored. This provides an easy way to check documents for mistakes without having to deal with the problems of a traditional spell checker flagging markup code.

Get paid to give away free magazines.

If you like playing Hangman - visit PlayHangman.com

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