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Alternative Care

Winsor Pilates · Program is designed to tone and sculpt your entire body and help you lose weight, all at the same time.

The Yoga Site · Resource center where you can find yoga teachers and retreats, learn about postures, breathing and meditation, ask questions.

Spa Wish · Gift certificates available for spa days or vacations to many facilities across the US. The buyer specifies the dollar amount and the recipient chooses the location and service. What any easy way to give a gift and make someone feel refreshed and pampered.

The Sedona Method · Tap into your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought or feeling on the spot. This will free you to have all that you choose including: more effective goal achievement, better relationships, better health and well being, plus break bad habits and other self-sabotaging behaviors. You can start the transformation by requesting a free audio tape that explains how to make the change.

Dr.Weil · Got a question? Ask the good doctor.

Easy TaiChi for Busy People · Mind and body fitness to fit any schedule. Benefits of tai chi include stress reduction, better focus and concentration, increased flexibility, improved strength and more.

IBM's Healthy Computing · Tips on using your personal computer comfortably.


The Arthritis Foundation · The mission of the Arthritis Foundation is to support research to find the cure for and prevention of arthritis and to improve the quality of life for those affected by arthritis.

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Cancer Net · Current and comprehensive cancer information from the National Cancer Institute.

American Cancer Society · American Cancer Society site.

The Cancer Survivors Network · A community of survivors and cargivers - provides information, resources, chat and stories.

University Of Pennsylvania's OncoLink · A WWW-server and gopher server oriented to CANCER. This resource is directed to physicians, health care personnel, social workers, patients and their supporters.

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American Diabetes Association · Lots of information, from nutrition to exercise to who's at risk.

Canadian Diabetes Association · Supporter of diabetes research, education and advocacy.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International · Good resource for children with diabetes.

American Consumer Opinion

Dieting and Nutrition

eDiets · Free diet analysis.

DietWatch · Provides individuals who are interested in fitness, weight loss and health with the tools, supportive community and information they need to reach a healthy weight and lifestyle. Membership includes customized meal plans, progress reports, personalized nutrition facts labels, fitness workouts with tracking tools, receive motivation and meet diet buddies and more.

Nutrio · Offers free weight loss and weight management assessments, tools, resources and content from nationally renowned experts, along with free community message boards.

NutriCounter · Hand held weight loss and health management tool with over 2,000 food items stored in memory. You can call up foods that you eat and save the nutritional information into daily totals. You always know at a glance how many calories, fats, carbohydrates you have eaten at any time of the day.

AllRecipes · Searchable index of recipes and cookbooks are available. Has a personalized meal planning service, Nutri-Planner Program, endorsed by nutrition experts that provides an all-in-one tool for tracking and achieving nutritional goals while still enjoying your favorite foods.

Eat 5 A Day · Recipes, how to shop for produce, what five servings really consists of - no more excuses for not eating healthy.

PBS' Healthweek · Features ordinary recipes turned healthy by Graham Kerr. Comparision chart shows the reduction in calories, fat, etc.

SupermarketGuru · Unbiased resource for food and health news, new food product reviews, food safety information, supermarket secrets and money saving tips.

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