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Tools to help you Make More Money

Vista Print · Get 250 FREE full-color high-quality business cards. Many establishments have giveaways where you drop your business card in a bowl and you'll win a prize. Hey, you're in these places doing a shop anyway you might as well get the added benefit of a prize. (Small delivery fee.)

AnalyzeMyCareer · Helping people make the correct career choices. Online career tests include reporting, which integrates with a database of 1500 careers.

Home Business Connection Magazine · Totally free subscription. Order it for yourself to learn about ways to make your home based business better. And get paid for all the friends you tell about it.

Six-Figure Income Magazine · How to make big bucks in home business. How the pro's do it. Your subscription includes 13 free valuable bonuses. Real world strategies, tips, secrets and much more.

Six Figure Income Newsletter · Not the same as the Magazine. FREE lifetime Subscription. FEATURING: Marketing tips, secrets, & techniques. Juicy How-To Articles. Latest home business news & stats. Plus other invaluable articles, insider strategies, and information from the planet's highest-earning home business entrepreneurs.

Job Seeking Articles · A series of articles covering such topics as job search lessons, cover letters, resumes and job interview mistakes.

Get Paid More with a Degree or Career Training

FastWeb Scholarship Search · Search the internet's largest database of scholarships, absolutely free. Database contains over 400,000 listings.

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Get Paid More with a New Job

ResumeZapper.Com · Instantly distribute your resume to up to 10,000 recruiters for as little as $49.99.

Job.com · Post your resume for free. Search 1000's of Jobs for free.

HireMe · E-mail your resume and cover letter to 1000's of top employers and recruiters.

Yahoo Hot Jobs · Post your resume and do a job search to see what opportunities lie ahead.

Employment911.com · Post your resume to thousands of employers at for free.

GfK Mystery Shopping

Get Paid More with a Better Resume

e-resume.net · Resume writing service.

SmartJobGuides.com · These guides are the most comprehensive collection of resource materials to help you in your job search and career advancementand have helped many job seekers fine tune their job search process and land them more offers than they can handle.

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