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    Get Paid for Shopping · Mystery Shopping is great way to get paid to shop, eat at restaurants and even stay at hotels. Sign up with these nationally known and reputable companies.

Get Paid for Surfing · Yes, there are actually places that pay you to surf the web. Some require you do download an ad banner, others just pay you to look at their webpage each day.

Get Paid for E-mail · Some pay you to read it and some pay you to send it. Either way it is easy money.

Get Paid for Surveys · There are many marketing research firms looking to pay you for your opinions. Some pay well and often and some are not as worthwhile. We have listed the ones that are the best. There are even big prizes just for signing up.

Get Paid for Focus Groups · A focus group is an opinion-seeking panel discussion where consumers are asked to share their ideas about new products or services.

Other Ways to Get Paid · These are the few programs that don't fit into any other category but are well worth signing up for. Like getting paid to listen to music or voting for your favorite bands.

Get Paid More · General tools to help you Make More Money, as well as Degree or Career Training and how to get a Better Resume.

Get Paid Forum · Here we let you discuss which are worthwhile and which are scams.

Mystery Shopping Forum · Post information regarding what companies you have used. Who pays on time and who does not. A great way to learn from those who have already done this. Many companies will post their most immediate needs here.

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