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The Freebie Sites

For The UK

Free UK Stuff · All stuff for the UK. Makes me wish I lived there.

Strictly Canadian Sites

CanadaFree.net · Tina lives in Nova Scotia and knows how to find stuff for you.

Canadian Free Stuff · All checked for availability in Canada.

Bunny's Free Stuff for Canadians and others · A good site that lets you know what country the freebies are available in.

Free Stuff For Canadian Teachers · Free stuff for teachers is a site where Canadian educators can find the latest links to free resources, materials and even computers. The goal is to get those free resources from private companies and the government into the classroom.

Free Canada · Computer Freebies, Baby Freebies, and Beauty.

Mostly USA Sites

FreeFly's · Fill out surveys telling them about yourself and then choose from a wide variety of product samples.

Free2Try · Well organized and loads of different categories: Business, Catalogs, Computing & Software, Cooking and Cuisine, Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs, Family and Home, Health and Beauty, Home Improvement, International, Internet Related, Magazines, Membership Programs, Men, Parenting, Personal Finance, Small and Home Office, Sports and Fitness, Style, Fashion, Celebrities, Sweepstakes, Travel, Women, Youth and Teenagers

FreebieStuff · Lots of stuff. Not all great, but worth a look around.

Mom and Dads Free Site · A large list of free samples and offers updated daily.

Lee Seats About.com Guide to Freebies · Most About.com sites are devoid of personality. Lee has managed to make his better than that.

Opinion Outpost

Pumpkins Freebies · Two sites of free stuff: Pumpkins Toll-Free Phone Freebies or PumpkinsTwo Website Freebies.

Sue's Freebies · Nice format - samples, coupons, rebates and more.

UtterlyFree.com · Nice selection and updated regularly.

The Weekly Freebie Compilation · A weekly listing of freebies. Worth a look.

T.U.F.A. - The Ultimate Free Archive · Good layout - catalogs, games, coupons, etc.

4freestuff · Offers links to all kinds of free products, samples and information. Not bad for a corporate site. This one actually has some freebies including Health & Beauty / Food & Beverage / Home & Personal / Kids & Pets.

Free-n-Cool · A very different site from all the rest. Very well organized. Sorted by Offer Type / Category / Request Method / Age and Country / etc.

Free Clutter · A great site with a great name. Hundreds of current freebies in over 40 Categories. Adds New free stuff every single day.

The Southern Edge Free Stuff · Lots of interesting offers. Graphics | Computer | Contests | Sweepstakes | Games | Food | Money | Kids | Health/Beauty

Make Every Purchase Count - Join MyPoints

Your Daily Freebies · Lots of freebies, site is continually updated with new goodies.

Free Stuff 4 Pets · What else could be here, freebies for your pet.

Happy Dots' Free Connections to Everything Free!! · Title says it.

Vai's Freeness · Pretty good list of freebies all of which have actually been ordered by the webmaster.

Fantassia's Freebies · Current 800 number freebies and a mailing list.

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