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    Welcome to the oldest Free Stuff site on the Internet. With your continued help, we will add more new features and continue to grow. You are invited to e-mail any ideas that you have for the site to me at ray@volition.com.

Stop the Credit Card Offers! If you're like us, you get lots of 'pre-approved' credit card offers. You also probably find them a nuisance. (Be sure to shred all that get sent to you.) To stop a lot of them, you can call Trans Union at 1-888-567-8688 (1-888-5-OPT-OUT). They have options to remove your name for 2 years or permanently. They also share data with Experian and Equifax, so you don't have to duplicate calls to remove your name from the three major sources. You can also get a free Debt Reduction Analysis from several companies we list on this page.

Freebies · Here are a few freebies that we have decided are worth listing. Why? Because these are not the same stuff that you find everywhere else. Also check out the Free Stuff For Businesses for stuff you can use at work.

Coupons and Discounts · Listings of the best places to get coupons from, as well as resources for those living the frugal lifestyle.

Outlets & Clearance · Listings of the best places to get closeouts and bargains.

Free E-Mail Stuff · Tons of free stuff for you to get electronically. You can pretend that you actually have friends that send you e-mail. Beats sending yourself postcards.

Stuff I Found Forum · Post information regarding what freebies you have found. Read about what others have found. Don't be bored sitting in the doctors office. Look thru all the magazines for freebies to post.

FREE Magazines · Why go to the library to read for free, when you can get a free subscription delivered right to your door.

Download Software · Featuring the Download of the Week.

Free Fonts · Many free font sites have become a sea of annoying pop-ups and scams. We have reviewed all the sites and found a list of sites with good fonts to download and webmasters who are not crazy.

Clip Art and Graphics · Free pretty or not so pretty pictures depending on what you need.

Free Screen Savers and Free Themes and Wallpaper · There are many free screensavers for you to download and enjoy. If you are bored with your desktop, liven it up with some new wallpaper.

Win Stuff · Contests and sweepstakes that you can enter, where you can win free stuff. And be sure to enter our Advance Movie Screening Promo. Volition.com is giving away complimentary tickets to advance screenings. Several US cities are particiapating in each event. If there is no advance screening in your city, you can enter to win a movie prize package which will be a t-shirt and other promo items for the current movie.

Free Music · Listing of places to find music. Free CDs as well as MP3 download sites and utilities.

Webmaster Freebies · How to get a free website, free instructions, and much more.

The Other Free Stuff Sites · Volition.com never really lists much Free Stuff, yet we are the oldest and the biggest Free Stuff site. How? Because we list all the other sites that do list all the freebies out there. That means every week we add links to the new sites that spring up and kill the ones that have not been getting updated. We list only the best sites and filter out all the junk for you. You never have to bookmark another Free Stuff site, just start here.

Free Stuff Bookshop · How to find and get freebies. Free stuff for kids, for seniors, if you are online, off-line and even you are on America Online, there is a freebie book for you.

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If you like playing Hangman - visit PlayHangman.com

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