A Little Bit About Ray

So, you have the volition to read about me. I first experienced the WWW in February of 1995, when using the 10 free hours that Prodigy offers. All 10 hours were used in one day. Although I did not sign up for Prodigy, I did buy a 28.8 modem and got an account with unlimited hours.

As someone who enjoys doing layouts and writing copy for advertisements, I was curious about how web pages were designed. Upon the realization that I could create a site on my home computer, the search for a service provider began. I met Pete Giarrusso, President of Magic Net, who was very helpful. He actually gave me a free account. Within seven months, the pages accounted for a large amount of the web volume on MagicNet. Pete asked me to either start paying or find a new home.

Our service is now provided by Awesome.Net. Not free, but very reasonable. They have been helpful, and you can't beat the rates. If you contact them for your site, be sure to mention Volition®, maybe they'll be even more helpful.

Since Volition® was started, I have gotten quite a few awards and been mentioned in many print magazines, radio shows and e-zines. The highlights are all listed on our awards page.

My background

I've worked in the retail industry since grade school, when we bought seconds from a glassware company and sold them at the flea market. In 1986, I started offering time management and motivation seminars under the name Volition Institute. That did not work out as well as expected, but I've continued using the name. I've done work for shoe stores, convenience stores, food brokers, food wholesalers, a restaurant, a supermarket co-op, a bed and breakfast, several ISPs and many web sites.

I have taught Marketing Management and Internet Marketing at Baruch College of The City University of New York and Internet Marketing at The University of Arizona.

If you need an Internet marketing consultant, I would be willing to talk with you about your needs. I have worked on many web sites' layouts and marketing strategies. They are all doing quite well. For a listing of some clients, visit the Volition.com LLC page.

Burst Media · Advisory Board member since 1996.

Member of CAUCE · The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

Owner of Market-ECRes · a forum for the discussion of Research on Marketing via Electronic Commerce.

If you're curious about my education:

Manhattan College
B.S. Business Administration, May, 1983
Major: Computer Information Systems
Minors: Accounting and Management

Baruch College of The City University of New York
Master of Business Administration, December, 1994
Major: Marketing

I have also taken two years of PhD level courses in Marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business.

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If you have any questions or comments, you can send e-mail to ray@volition.com

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