get paid for surfing

Get Paid for Surfing:'s most popular section is getting paid to surf the web. These companies pay cash, frequent flyer miles or have great prizes. Lately has been the best. Now, there is even a way for you to make money by sending e-mail to your friends called Epidemic. There are sites that claim to pay us for everything. Here we discuss which are worthwhile and which are scams.

You are already surfing the web! So, why not get PAID while doing it? This is a growing movement that allows you to get "paid to surf." All of these programs are completely FREE and take less than a minute to sign-up. Most of the services have you download a small program that displays an advertisement while you are surfing. They share the revenue with you from the advertisers. Others pay you for reading e-mail, visiting websites, clicking ads, making a purchase, searches or having a companies start page. You decide which ones work for you! What an easy why to pay you ISP fees.

We are the oldest Free Stuff site on the Internet. Tired of waiting for Ed McMahon or Dick Clark to show up on your doorstep with that 10 million dollar check? Then this is the site you had better hurry up and visit! Volition is the place where free stuff reigns supreme. You can find lists and lists of places to sign up for freebies, from sweepstakes to contests to promotional junk...all for free! How can you beat that?

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